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Hello friends can anybody recommend manga/comics?

Fantasy stuff is great and super hero comics/seinen not so much right now but i might consider…really into horror, macabre stuff or as always detective or some mystery …or adventure comics too

I don’t know why I started drawing a bunch of waves

I don’t know why I started drawing a bunch of waves

Anonymous asked: Everything about your art is so perfect. The more I look at the more I love it!! You are just so amazingly talented and so kind and sweet too! I wish you all the success and happiness the world can give you cause you deserve it, you wonderful and talented person:)

You don’t know how much i needed this right now I’m feeling pretty down but wow i have no idea how i can thank you! You’re too kind

thank you i don’t know what to say i hope you find 50 bucks in your sock drawer today

Content lil friend

Content lil friend

mydarlingcaptain asked: I just wanted to let you know I purchased your "Research Division" bag from your shop and it was one of the best purchases I've ever made. It travels with me everywhere. I get compliments for it all the time. I now just tell people to go check out your tumblr. I was on a train and a curator from the Philadelphia Museum of Art was all about it. I was at MoCCA last weekend and someone recognized it as your art. I'd just thought I'd let you know and to thank you for creating such a great design! :D

Aw man i actually don’t know what to say…


I’m really glad that you loved the drawing…thank you so much and you said so many nice things and wow i’m just really overwhelmed by this message i don’t know what to say!! BUT I AM SO GRATEFUL. FOR EVERYTHING. THANK YOU!!!


I was also at MoCCA that weekend but just roaming around and wow…i don’t know what to say!! Please have a good life

…i have once again made another FOB thing because i’m trash.

Also i am now using more of my inking nibs!!

itsclicheiknow said: Have you ever thought of adding some of your Suits works on your society6 shop as well? :3

Oh i never thought about it? (i mean mainly ‘cause i don’t know if anybody wanted them…) But okay i’ll work on putting them up…soon-ish i guess? Thank you though… ;A;

takeawalkpigeon said: Oh no. Is there any way you can make that last one a mug? I’m sorry if that is overstepping.

It’s no problem! I added it now thank you! :D